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Captured By Grace

In this season of Gospel Circles, Pastor Ben peels off layers of false assumptions and misbeliefs to explain how God’s magnificent grace can transform our hearts, our choices, and our relationships all day, every day. Don’t miss the message of this season of Gospel Circles. It’s perhaps the most challenging and thrilling truth the world has ever heard…including you.

The truth is so much better

Are you getting a watered-down Christianity – one that diminishes the loving, giving, personal God who provides you with everything in life? In this season of Gospel Circles you will learn about how religious leaders can end up distorting biblical truths because of their preconceptions. Through these provocative but biblically grounded teachings, you will see that God’s pure truth is always best and brings a fulfilling and intimate relationship with Him.

Grow Up

Every believer has received the same New Birth, the same measure of faith, the same measure of grace, and the same love of God. It’s up to each of us to develop what we’ve already been given. We don’t mature overnight. In this season of Gospel Circles we study God’s Word, specifically in light of the New Covenant. We leave the baby and childhood stages behind us and move into maturity so that we can live the life we were meant to live.

Stuff that Jesus Never said

If the stuff Jesus never said is the stuff you thought He said, then the stuff He did say may surprise you. This season of Gospel Circles shatters the myth of the angry, fault-finding God and celebrates the God that Christ revealed – a God who wants you to prosper and live well.

his life now

During this season of Gospel Circles let's dare to live in Christ and take a leap of faith into the arms of true love. To show you that there's more to this life than just being born and ending up in the grave. These New Covenant thoughts that Pastor Ben share are certainly not meant to be a substitute for true relationship with the Lord, but a spark and a jumping off point for the Holy Spirit to take you deeper into the experience of His Life, Now!
Ben Dailey Calvary Church

what's so good about the good news

We know that it’s the grace of God that saves us, sanctifies us, and keeps us secure to the end. Grace is the love of God that comes to us through his Son and empowers us to be who God’s made us to be and do what God’s made us to do. You’re probably familiar with the Gospel, but do you really understand what makes it so good? In this season of Gospel Circles Pastor Ben talks about “What’s so good about the good news?”

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